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Fuwa Fuwa Ultimate Fuwa Sweets Party


Get the best in Fuwa Fuwa's Japanese dessert collection with the Ultimate Fuwa Sweets Party!
Featuring the Macaron box, the Afternoon Tea box, and a Burnt-Top Cheesecake, never stress again about having to choose just one kind of dessert!
The Ultimate Fuwa Sweets Party includes:
- Macaron box (9 fatcarons): 1 of each flavor (blueberry, black sesame, crème brûlée, strawberry, raspberry, chocolate, matcha, lemon yuzu, coffee)
- Afternoon Tea box: 1 rollcake, 2 macarons (varying flavor), 4 mini cupcakes (cheesecake, Oreo, strawberry, coconut mango), 2 scones
- Burnt-Top Cheesecake (your choice of Original, Matcha)